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Mixology with

Group with your friends or family, more than six and up to 15 people to have one of our unique mixology experiences. 


You will be able to choose your spirits and create a special theme, besides you will have our space only for you. 

Duration: 120 minutes. 

Bachelorette party

Have a great time with your friends or family and celebrate your bachelorette party in a different and fun way while you prepare for different cocktail that you will enjoy.

The cocktails that you will prepare are: Butterfly explosion, Unexpected love, Eternal passion and Infinite romance. 

Duration: 120 minutes. 

Mixology in everywhere

For those groups of friends which number of participants is not ideal for our workshop, we have the possibility of going out. 

We can have our experience in your own space, hotel, salon, garden, terrace or house that you indicate us. 

We take all the experience, including furniture, equipment, ingredients and of course, the mixologist. 

*This needs an special quotation.  

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